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Build your base and scale your business to extraordinary levels

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We build the foundations of your digital presence and scale to extraordinary levels.

We build the foundations and strategies to help you bring in more clients and generate more income. From beautiful websites and landing pages to high converting ads.

Some agencies say websites are dead. Google is dead. SEO is dead.

If that's the case, then why are companies investing tens of thousands of dollars into website optimisation, design and testing?

Who we are.

We aren't Wix.

We aren't Squarespace.

We aren't bad design.

We live in an age of 'do it yourself' website builders. Anyone with an internet connection and no coding experience can, on the cheap, put together a website.

At The Scale Architect, we are the opposite. We are a team of coders, developers and strategists that take pride in perfection. We treat every project like it's our own.

Why you need us.

We still believe your website is your main point of contact with your customers. Some people will say that you can run a business through Facebook, but, when I search for your business, what do I expect to see?

I expect to see a website. And if I see a competitors website next to your Facebook page, I'm going to click on your competitor.

If I see just a Facebook page, I'm not interested in that compared to a business that has a clean, professional website.

Or, let's say you do have a website, I click on it, but it takes ages to load. Then, when it finally does, I struggle to find your contact number or a contact form.

So, what do I do? I click onto the next site.

Now, I get it. Business owners, you guys are busy. You might have set up a basic site or done it on the cheap when you first started. But, now you know your business is viable, and you're starting to grow, you need something a bit more robust, flexible and quicker to do the job.

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"Callum was great to work with. I was busy with work and essentially told him here's a few ideas - now go make something that looks good. What he came back with and the final product was fantastic."

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Fiona Henderson

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